Wow, that went quick!

However, I will refrain from reeling off that it was because “time flies when you’re having fun!”, because I didn’t.

Far from it.

Although, the week did indeed start rather positively, after indulging in some home-made pasta dishes..

After just the first day I had spent so much on ‘Mr Ben’s’ pasta sauces I had shares in the company and was contributing towards the ‘staff Xmas disco.

But there’s only so much pasta a woman can devour before the inevitable happens…

That’s right girls, say hello to ‘Mr Podge’!

Following this disappointment in ‘home cooking’, I headed to a number of local eateries during the week to see what they had to offer. Unfortunately, their ‘veggie menus’ wouldn’t even warrant the term ‘choice’ in any self-respecting description, as there was a severe lack of it.

I tried to soldier on, but having to sit there devouring what i can only describe as some ‘off-cuttings’ from Cannock Chase, while my friends fine dined in all kinds of ‘bloody brawn’ made me take drastic action…

Soon ‘boredom’ gripped me like my puppy grips onto her favourite toy ‘Mr Squeaky’ (who ironically no longer makes a noise, following a most unfortunate ‘accident’ which incurred my dog being able to do a fantastic impression of Joe Pasquale for a week, and a hefty vets bill) when playing ‘tug of war’. Sometimes she grips on to it so hard I can lift her off her feet! Me being the only thing between an hour of contented ‘decapitation’ and a few missing teeth…

Anyway I digress…

…I was gripped by boredom, which in turn involved a couple of incidents of ‘cheating’…although I prefer to call it ‘survival instinct’.

I bet Bear Grylls wouldn’t turn down a mauled carcass in favour of a lettuce leaf!

Anyway, having managed to scrape the barrel for the remainder of the week, you can probably assume how delighted i was for the week to be over.

I can honestly say that on going out for lunch at uni on Tuesday, I have never enjoyed a processed, salt and fat-laden, ‘heart attack in a bun’ more than i did then.

I will most certainly be sticking to my sufficient portion of  man-handled ‘side salad’ from now on and appreciate it.

Jessica and myself have been ‘reminiscing’ on our week today and I have compiled a video below to relish in.

Enjoy, because I won’t be doing it again any time soon!


As those of you who follow this blog or know of me and Jessica, we will be ‘attempting’ to take part in ‘National Vegetarian Week‘ over the next week (24/05/2010-01/06/2010).

Now none of us have ever tried being a ‘veggie’ for even one day so I’m guessing it’s going to be pretty tough on us both, but being a country of sadists that we are, you can revel in our process on this blog, where I will be uploading daily video diaries to account for how we’ve been getting on and the general experience.

Today, we enjoyed (‘relished’, actually) our last ‘McFridays’ (for a week at least!), where we tucked into all manner of fat-ridden processed meats of all size, shape and description! Following this, we roped a willing accomplice into recording our ‘last supper’, and we talk about what we think will lie ahead in the foreboding week and how we intend to ‘cope’…